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Many times we find ourselves in hiding in life. We may want to know ourselves, to be open, to experience a feeling of personal aliveness. But instead we retreat and turn inwards. Perhaps we avoid social contact. Perhaps we resort to food or drugs or solutions that tease us with immediate comfort but actually yield us little of the genuine nurturance we crave. We may engage in repetitive behaviors and ruminative thoughts; we may feel trapped and bored and wonder if there is any meaning in our lives. We feel deadlocked in relationships, jobs, and physical symptoms that seem to lock us in, even as we desperately seek a way out.

For me, the challenge and joy of clinical practice lies in unlocking the hidden meaning embedded in the patterns that come to organize our lives, Jill-Head1 patterns that keep us obscured from ourselves, from others, and from genuine living and creative expression. Unlocking symptoms, deciphering hidden meanings, and opening a space for the creation of hope, desire, intentionality, agency, and creative living is at the heart of psychotherapy practice.

We often engage in other forms of practice: yoga, meditation, music, athletics ... but perhaps we don't practice listening to our own rhythms of desire. In my practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, my attention will be to your breath, your heart, your hurt, your longings, your curiosity - the path of your desire. This will not lead us in a straight line to relief of your symptoms, because you will discover that you may feel conflicted and in part opposed to the very change that another part of you seeks. But little by little, we will pry open a space for light and for healing. We will fight to ensure that your curiosity, desire, and courage become stronger than the parts of you that have been hurt and silenced. And we'll let that courage and strength guide us and you in reclaiming an experience of meaning and personal fulfillment and contribution in your life.

Much of my thinking is guided by what has been an intensive exploration of psychoanalysis, including a great deal of my own practice of personal therapy, guided clinical consultation, and inquiry into the psychoanalytic literature. Join me in a process dedicated to illuminating your desires, and to creating an experience of time and space. It is in that space that you will discover that it is possible to anchor your dreams in real lived and shared experience. I anticipate that through this process you will come to feel a greater sense of aliveness and power in work, in love, in creative living.