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Jill Gentile, Ph.D.
consultation and study groups consultation and study groups
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In addition to clinical practice, I offer study groups and clinical consultation/supervision services for colleagues interested in cultivating their psychoanalytic knowledge and their inherent wisdom for the benefit of their patients. We discuss literature, clinical experiences, ourselves. Conversations range from cultural and political currents to our intimate lives.

I also offer writing groups which aim to cultivate individual voice and to offer a forum for incubating personal and scholarly projects, with an eye toward bringing a psychoanalytic sensibility into the public and political sphere.

I have found that understanding the “talking cure” in part as a process of semiotic empowerment has been a very useful and results-oriented way of working. My specific interest lies in the art of clinical listening to conscious and unconscious communications; and in how subjective experience varies as we learn to sign and symbolize our intentions and desire. And so, we will listen for the singular patternings of desire in our patients’ discourse—aiming to elaborate its melody and textures—listening for the “spaces between,” in which they and we are most alive.

Ai Wei Wei

Guided reading of contemporary American and international psychoanalysis supplements our conversations, offering a very powerful lens for a developmental and goal-directed therapeutic process.

In short, my hope is that participants will claim their own sense of agency as they cultivate their clinical ear for unconscious processes and gain confidence in using subjectivity in personal and creative ways that enhance therapeutic possibility and professional empowerment - in and outside of the consulting room. I have found these to be fascinating forums, and have learned greatly from them as I hope that those who study with me have also.

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact me at: jill@jillgentile.com. And please forward this Web page to other colleagues who may be interested.

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