Jill Gentile, Ph.D.


Space, desire, curiosity, love. What's it all about? We are all seeking recognition and meaning, struggling to fulfill our dreams and unrealized potential; but we also need to stay rooted in and contribute to the world around us.

How do we do this? Together we will explore the terrain of what you desire, what fears and impasses you've encountered, and seek to open new possibilities for creative and shared expression. My experience has been that this pursuit is never a simple uphill climb, but a journey across territory both familiar and surprising. Sometimes we avoid starting or even hoping, because it can be so hard to get a foothold, let alone real traction towards these goals. This is where the treatment relationship can be both grounding and inspiring in real and transformative ways.

My approach will be to listen and to hear you, including parts of you that you haven't heard for some time, if ever. We will need to listen for the faint sound of your desire and to the complexities that create noise and distract or defeat you in your strivings. Our conversations will also be guided by my training in developmental processes and in the ways in which emotional and unconscious communication and patterns reveal themselves. Through this process, we'll unlock the meaning in—and finally begin to overcome—anxiety, depression, relationship problems, physical symptoms, and other blocks to a fulfilling life.

My clinical practice includes work with patients of all ages, primarily with adolescents and adults. I provide individual and couples therapy as well as parenting and family consultation. In addition to patient care, I enjoy professional writing and teaching, and also offer training and consultative services to colleagues.

If you wish to discuss or schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact me.